Benefits of Upgrading to a Programmable Thermostats

Did you know that for each degree that you adjust your thermostat (down in the winter and up in the summer)  over an eight-hour period, you can expect to shave 1-2% off your heating or cooling bill? That may not sound like much, but over the course of a year that could add up to … Read more

How Often and When Should you Service your HVAC System?

Americans have a love/hate relationship with technology. We love it when it works but decide it is useless when it needs maintenance. Imagine if you didn’t service your computer, car or even your washing machine? Eventually, the neglect would cause the item to malfunction or, at the very least, not work as well. Like all … Read more

Federal and State Rebates for Energy Saving Products

Let’s face it, everyone likes to save money. We clip coupons, shop for sales and comparison shop to stretch our hard-earned dollar just that little bit further. Saving money on the most precious and valuable thing you own – your home – is one of the best savings out there. Morris Heating and Air Conditioning … Read more

What is a Ductless-Air System?

Have you seen the newest Ductless Air System at your friend’s or neighbor’s house and wondered about them? You know, those small, wall-mounted devices that seem to keep everyone’s homes comfy no matter the weather outside. These heat and air conditioning systems have increased in popularity over the past few years, so it’s no surprise … Read more

Fall Energy Savings

Who doesn’t like to save money?  We clip coupons, shop during sales and look for deals whenever we can right?  One area that people forget about that can save them a lot of money over the long haul, is finding simple ways to save money by reducing energy usage in your home or business. Now … Read more

Hidden Dangers in Dryer Vents and Screens

Did you know that dryer fires and dryer vents are one of the leading causes of house fires? The statistics are alarming with 2,900 clothes dryer fires reported each year causing an estimated 5 deaths,100 injuries, and $35 million in property loss according to the National Fire Association. The most common causes of home clothes … Read more

Dangers of a Dirty Air Filter

On a daily basis how often do you think about how clean or dirty the air filter is in your HVAC system?  Ummm, the answer is probably never, right? How dangerous can a dirty air filter really be in your home’s HVAC system? Most homeowners are unaware of the negative effects of a dirty HVAC … Read more

Advantages of Zoning Heat

We all know at least one person in our family or at our place of business that is perpetually desiring a different temperature than the rest of us. In the summer they cuddle under a blanket when the air conditioning chills them and in the winter they layer on sweaters and scarves to shake the … Read more

Emergency HVAC Services

Murphy’s Law states that, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” This adage is true for simple things like bread falling on the floor butter side up just as much as it is for more major events like losing heat in the middle of a blizzard. No one ever wants to think about a … Read more

HVAC Contractor Hiring Tips

Ten HVAC Contractor Hiring Tips The HVAC industry is filled with some honest, hard working professionals.  And a few who unfortunately not only cast doubt on the rest of us in this business, but who can put your family at risk by installing equipment in a manner which is not only unprofessional, but unsafe.  Before … Read more