Advantages of Zoning Heat

We all know at least one person in our family or at our place of business that is perpetually desiring a different temperature than the rest of us. In the summer they cuddle under a blanket when the air conditioning chills them and in the winter they layer on sweaters and scarves to shake the … Read more

Emergency HVAC Services

Murphy’s Law states that, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” This adage is true for simple things like bread falling on the floor butter side up just as much as it is for more major events like losing heat in the middle of a blizzard. No one ever wants to think about a … Read more

HVAC Contractor Hiring Tips

Ten HVAC Contractor Hiring Tips The HVAC industry is filled with some honest, hard working professionals.  And a few who unfortunately not only cast doubt on the rest of us in this business, but who can put your family at risk by installing equipment in a manner which is not only unprofessional, but unsafe.  Before … Read more

Lennox PureAir Product Spotlight

Lennox PureAir Lennox PureAir is a product many consumers with allergies and other health concerns may consider when investigating indoor air quality solutions. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside your home consistently measures pollution levels five times greater than outdoor air.  The Lennox PureAir Purification System is for a consumer who is interested … Read more

IAQ…Dirty air inside your home?

What Causes Poor Indoor Air Quality IAQ? Most of us assume that the air we breathe inside our home or office is clean.  In fact, it is estimated that indoor air, is often up to five times more polluted that outdoor air.  In the heating and air conditioning industry we refer to indoor air quality … Read more

Net Zero with Mitsubishi Ductless

Net Zero project,  Salisbury, MA Morris Heating & Air Conditioning  was really proud to be part of this net-zero project in Salisbury, MA.  With the tremendous interest in energy conservation, net zero home building, and Mitsubishi ductless products, we’re reprinting this case study, which originally ran last year. The Treats were originally drawn to modular … Read more

Ductless Heat Pumps FAQ

Ductless Heat Pumps What is a heat pump?  How do they work?  Are they easy to install?  Are ductless heat pumps expensive?  Do they heat and cool?  Are they energy efficient? What is a Ductless Heat Pump? Heat pumps, often called ductless or split systems, use electricity to move heat from cool spaces to warm … Read more

AC Repair or Replace?

AC System…Repair or Replace? Making the decision to Repair or Replace your Air Conditioning System?  A few points to consider… Age of AC System – One of the first things to consider when looking at whether to repair or replace your AC system is the age of the system.  If your system is more than … Read more

Ten Tips to Reduce Your Electric Bill this Summer

Let’s face it. We’re hardy New Englanders. We can handle a lot and we’re used to the fickle weather patterns. Winter was warm, spring has been cool and experts are predicting that summer will be HOT! How can you beat the heat this summer and save energy at the same time? Read on for some … Read more