Air Conditioning Service and Repair

Air Conditioning Service and Repair

Morris Heating & Air Conditioning  service and repair technicians work on all types of air conditioning systems. Backed by an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating, we handle everything from simple part replacements to major repairs. When you call Morris Heating & Air Conditioning for service, we will send an experienced technician who can quickly diagnose problems, offer you solutions and get your system working again. Sometimes a minor adjustment or part is all you need.

"Air conditioners cost U.S. homeowners more than $11 billion each year, and regular maintenance can keep your air conditioner running efficiently."
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Help my AC isn't Working!

Don't let this happen to you! Avoid these scenarios with Annual Maintenance!

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Air Conditioning system's motor burns out due to blocked filter.

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Warm Air or complete system shut down

Clogged filter causes air conditioning coils to ice over which in turn affects the compressor, restricting the airflow to the unit.

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Air not cool enough or not cooling at all

Dirty coils on the outdoor and indoor units is the culprit.

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Water leaking through the ceiling

This occurs when the drains plug up and spill out of the unit.

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Motor failure

Motor failure shuts down an entire air conditioning system. Motors are tested at every annual service.

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AC Compressor failure

The compressor is the heart of the condensing unit. There are numerous reasons for compressor failure from bad initial system start up or run capacitors to inexperienced or poorly trained contractors feeding power.

Every AC System Needs Annual Service!


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