Heating Service and Repair

Heating Service and Repair

Morris Heating & Air Conditioning technicians repair and service all types of heating systems. Our technicians are constantly training in the latest energy efficient technologies and are well qualified to handle everything from simple part replacements to major repairs. When you call Morris Heating & Air Conditioning, you will discover quickly that our A+ Rated BBB technicians will provide you with exceptional quality work, friendly service and they’ll respect your home and your time.

At Morris Heating & Air Conditioning we offer:

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  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Payment Plans with low and no interest options
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  • Commercial & Residential Services

What sets us apart?

  • A+ BBB Rated Since 1998
  • Friendly, highly trained, 5 star rated team
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Locally owned & community minded

Common Heating Problems

  • NO HEAT – Clogged air filters cause over heating of the furnace which trip the furnace’s safety controls causing a shut down. This overheating also puts undue stress on the heat exchanger, which results in premature failure. This easily could have been avoided with maintenance.
  • NO HEAT – Broken hot surface igniters. This is the part of the burner, which ignites the gas. This can very be found during annually maintenace. If broken, this will cause system failure.
  • Blocked vent piping is a big issue. Leaves, bird’s and bees’ nests, and bark mulch are just of few of the things we see clogging vent pipes and shutting down heating systems. In the winter, heavy snow can be the culprit. It’s very important to keep those vent pipes clear and schedule annual maintenance.
  • NO HEAT – Water backing up into switches and inducer motor causing system lock out/shut down. This is caused by blocked drains.

Heating System Maintenance

Did you know that a simple annual maintenance on your furnace could reduce your gas bills by as much as 20% and extend the life of your furnace?

We Repair all Major Brands of Heating & Air Conditioning Systems

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“It was clear that his troubleshooting methods were much different than what we had previously experienced with the other contractors. His expertise in the HVAC field made the diagnosis not only quick, but also easy to understand and to repair.”

Lori S.

“Their workmanship is superlative and they left the work area cleaner than when they arrived.”

Robert S.

“Right on time for appointment, knowledgeable and friendly technician, excellent service.”

Ryan H.