This Old House

1909 Arts and Crafts Home
heating repair

Morris Heating & Air Conditioning and This Old House

Morris Heating & Air Conditioning recently joined This Old House for a top to bottom renovation of a beautiful old Arts and Crafts style home in Arlington, Massachusetts.  This was our third project with this nationally known team of preservationists, and there was a lot of work to be done!   The heating system was in desperate need of an update and as you might expect from a home built in 1909, an air conditioning system was non-existent.  Approximate annual cost pre-renovation just to heat this old beauty — $10,000+

The single zone inefficient, uncomfortable heating system was replaced by high efficient Unico and Mitsubishi Electric products.  Comfort, efficiency and IAQ (indoor air quality) have vastly improved .  Expected annual fuel cost savings: approximately  $7,500 

This is Morris Heating & Air Conditioning’s third project with This Old House.  If you have an antique home with similar heating or AC challenges and you’d like to find out more about how we can help lower your fuel bills and make you more comfortable (while maintaining the architectural integrity of your home) — call us today.  We take pride in this kind of work and we’d love the opportunity to talk with you.  Call 978-356-9900.  How can we help you?

Tim discusses the Arlington project